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Mauk, Tangerang, 18 September 2018

Kanmo Group, a leading omni-channel, distribution and retail company in Indonesia, held a groundbreaking ceremony for house building activity through Hope 4 Humanity (H4H) program. Aligned with Kanmo Group’s vision to inspire and enrich life’s journey, Hope 4 Humanity (H4H) program aims to create positive social impact in the communities we are a part of.

In continuing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit global organization with a mission to reduce the level of uninhabitable settlements, Kanmo Group has raised funds to help in expanding access to adequate housing for those in need. This project will be carried out in Mauk, Banten with support from Kanmo volunteers. It will help families build safe and livable dwellings, protected from the elements which will in turn will help them provide a better future for their families.

Hitesh Bharwani, Group Managing Director of Kanmo Group said, “At Kanmo Group, one of our missions is “We are family first”. We understand the importance of family as the basic social structure that anchors us and gives us stability. We believe that every family deserves a decent place to live, a place to call home and a place that can provide security and stability for their loved ones. Our key focus is to contribute meaningfully to improve the lives of families and communities that we are a part of. Hope 4 Humanity (H4H) program is our social responsibility initiative where we have raised funds through our retail stores and our offices and we are very happy to partner with Habitat for Humanity to run this project in Mauk, Banten.

Other than that, I am proud of our employees who have carried forward our values by volunteering to build houses and work in the community to help build a better future for families,"Hitesh added.

James Tumbuan, National Director Habitat for Humanity Indonesiasaid, “We are delighted for the growing partnership with Kanmo Group. Kanmo has been providing support to Habitat for Humanity affiliates since 2013.This year, through the Hope 4 Humanity (H4H) program, Kanmo Group and Habitat for Humanity project several houses usually range from 25 to 30 square meters in size, with two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom with toilet. Concrete blocks and cement board with wooden frames are used in the houses which have cement slab foundations and clay-tiled roofs to protect the families from rain, wind and sun. We believe that family who lives in a comfortable place can improve their life with a result of a healthier and more stable life.”

Indonesia is the world’s most extensive archipelago with more than 17,500 islands. Despite significant economic growth, more than 28 million Indonesians are living below the poverty line, according to World Bank data. Families living in temporary housing face greater hardships in times of an economic downturn or from a natural disaster. Mauk, a seaside village, has the highest level of poverty in the Banten province and is in need of funding to build safe housing. Kanmo Group, through H4H, hopes to bridge this gap in funding and expand access to adequate housing for these families.

Kanmo Group employees will carry out volunteer work to build houses in 3 stages: building the foundation, building walls and painting. Moreover, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia will work with the families to provide training and guidance so they can complete their new home with the help from local volunteers.



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