New York, 13 September 2017

“A pretty little something on the New York street” –A Tribe Called Quest, 1993 Tough and tender, glitter and shine. A downtown, undone take on dressing up.  Rugged burnished leather and shearling, customized in an ode to Keith Haring’s New York City.
Nostalgic prairie touches and the louche, unraveled sensuality of slip dresses that suggest the later hours of a party, scored by the New York Dolls.
The gentle charm of pink worn with pink, faded crystal and floral rivets, grounded by the rich depth of glovetanned leathers and hardware that alludes to something darker.
The guy takes on a subversive edge, Lou Reed, William S. Burroughs. Recontextualizing Americana—Hawaiian and prairie prints, biker and varsity silhouettes—all mixed with layers of archival Keith Haring graphics.
Unexpected juxtapositions and contradictions that are always personal and individualistic. Celebrating American dreamers—and their endless spirit of possibility, boundless creativity and courage to be themselves—before, now and forever at the heart of the city.
The Mailbox bag, 2017 re-edition; first created by Bonnie Cashin for Coach in 1972, New York City.



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